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For Businesses Doing Less Than $10 Million
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What would happen if you determined exactly what needed to get done to fill all of the gaps of uncertainty standing between you and your future self as an entrepreneur?

Knowing exactly where you are on-track (and off-track) to achieve your personal wealth, business, and bucket list dream goals starts with measuring your gap.

The gap is where you are today and what you're on track to achieve, compared with the future value of your wealth plan, the value of your business after you exit, and the value of any real estate you own as an entrepreneur. Get this formula right and you'll have the ability to earn passive income for decades after you exit your business.

The Get Going Program will reveal exactly what you need to do starting this year to fill the gap between where you are today and your future financial independence as an entrepreneur — so that you can embrace each day in the present with peace of mind, exit your business when you want to, and fulfill your biggest dreams in the decades ahead.

The Founding Team

Terry Dunn

Co-Founder, Get Going Program

Transformation Acquisitions, LLC co-founder. Terry works on acquisitions exit planning strategy. Terry's team is involved in matching your exiting clients with the best strategic buyers of businesses in your industry.

Allen D'Angelo M.S.

Co-Founder, Get Going Program

Transformation Acquisitions, LLC co-founder. Allen is a Certified Business Valuation Specialist and serves on the board of directors of Transformation Acquisitions, LLC clients. Allen serves as our resident Exit Planning  Professional and Leader of our Exit Planning Teams at Transformation Acquisitions, LLC.

Inner Workings of the “Get Going” Program

Each meeting is held via video conference, and you may choose to come to our Orlando office for one-day or multi-day sessions with your exit planning professional. The agenda of each of the below sessions is completed in two-hour time blocks, plus, we factor in an additional hour as a work-block and for Q&A. This combination allows us to consistently focus on "The Twelve Critical Objectives" that are fundamental to your business exit and personal wealth plan, while leaving time to address your specific needs. The meetings are methodical, interactive and focused on getting results.

Below are the Twelve Critical Objectives of Exit Planning, Presented Below As Sessions:

  • Session #1: Identifying succession planning and exiting goals - The first stage of succession planning and exiting involves determining your personal financial independence goals. This includes your financial wants, keeping in mind your present and future with important milestone dates for consideration. We'll introduce important questions to ponder. You'll complete the successor information profile. and we'll score you on our TEPP Exit-Readiness Profile (Transformational Exit Planning Process).
  • Session #2 Gap Analysis - Here we will conduct your Gap Analysis. You will identify with us your post-exit goals. We'll take inventory of your current investable financial resources. We will specify the rate of return you expect to receive on your invested assets. We will determine a basic valuation for your business. We will measure the growth rate of your business and estimate expected sales proceeds.
  • Session #3: Ownership Transformation - We will look at your score on the TEPP Exit Readiness Test. We'll discuss your core exit goals as we look at the results from your Gap Analysis. You will discuss in-depth with your TA Exit Planning Professional the autonomy of your business. What activities you'd like to be more involved with away from your business and we will check in on your wealth, accounting and legal support advisory system.
  • Session #4: The Core Value Drivers of Your Company - Here we will look at the Nine Value Drivers of your business. From Leading-Edge Management, training up future leaders in your business; to identifying the Operating Systems Increasing the Sustainability of Cash Flows in your business. We will perform a quick Quality of Earning Analysis to check on the diversification of your customer base. We'll identify your Proven Growth Strategy and identify Recurring Revenue Opportunities. We'll create Cash Flow and Other Projections that are critical to demonstrating the cash value of your business, while we identify the Scalability Factors therein. Last, we will cover your Competitive Advantage and putting into place Financial and Managerial Controls.
  • Session #5: Identifying The Pathways For Succession - We will fully explore which exit paths you should consider on an objective basis. This covers Inside Transfer, Relational Transfer, Outside Transfer and ESOP.
  • Session #6: Ranking Pathways For Succession - We will rank and explore conversations regarding the financial security and other factors of each succession pathway. You'll explore the time-factor and the time-margin for exit. We will anticipate the tax ramifications and tax relief alternatives of each succession pathway.
  • We will hold a deep discussion on your value-based goals and the deeper meaning and deeper impacts your business has socially, ecomonically and even spiritually for yourself, your staff and the community you serve. Last, we will look at your Successor(s).
  • Session #7: Inside Transfer Considerations - Here we will take a deep dive into the attractiveness, challenges and whether your company is a good candidate for Inside Transfer. Discussion of current advisors. Your roadmap for Inside Transfer.
  • Session #8: Relational Transfer - We will discuss Relational Transfer. Your goals, the readiness of your business, how prepared your business is, amd how ready you are to take this path. We will discuss share-of-ownership considerations and potential owner transfer contributions. We will provide your back-up plan.
  • Session #9: Overcoming the Big Eight Succession Planning Threats - Here we set a plan for dealing with the eight biggest threats and obstacles standing between a successful exit plan and the future.
  • Session #10: Preparing for the Unexpected - Preparing the business should one or more of the owners become permanently disabled or die unexpectedly. Your 11 continuity plan considerations. The 8 single owner and family business owner considerations. Succession planning with co-ownership versus single ownership. Making sure important value based-goals will be achieved in the event of the permanent disability the owner or should the owner die.
  • Session #11: Developing the One-Page Business Continuity Plan - The 14 basic elements of the business continuity plan. Completing the one-page Business Continuity Summary Plan – Your Succession Plan.
  • Session #12: Choosing Your Desired Exit Pathway - The working wealthy non-retirement option. A recapitalization plan for pulling cash out of the business while working in the business. Sale Options: Controlled auction versus negotiated sale.
  • Bonus Session: Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans - Overview of NDCPs. The benefit formula discussion. The vesting schedule. Forfeiture provisions. Payment schedules. Funding tools. The stock appreciation rights plan (SAR).

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Get Going 100 Life-Time Support Membership

Includes our mid-tier life-time membership for follow-up. This includes valuable resources, trainings and other support material. As a Get Going member you will receive Get Going workbooks and other valuable materials shipped to you. Also, as a member you will have life-long access to our team for perpetual Q&A sessions, email access and support for any questions, professional referrals and you will be entitled to an annual review of your exit plan and to discuss changes in your time-lines to exit.



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$10M plus in lifetime sales

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Online dominance with SOPs and systems.

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Social media marketing reach of 20M gained.

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