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Quick Note From Allen D'Angelo:

Dear Awards Business Owner:

If I’m right about you, and I know you as I believe that I do, you'd love for your business to run without you working so much “in” the business. And perhaps you'd like to have the option of a full exit from the business that meets your wealth goals, and enables you to live the compelling future you've always dreamt of.

This strategy conversation is about my convening a UNIQUE place, only for the likes of us -- business owners who value working hard, but who wish to go a bit more ‘underground.’

We are ‘Infidels.’ Radicals. Heretics... to the rest of the world because we dare to believe that we can exit the day-to-day operations of our Awards business and get wealthier.

So if you’re here now and you’re wondering to yourself, “Is this Awards Business Exit Strategy Mastermind really for me?” Maybe. Maybe not. If it is for you, then you’re probably someone that likes to go against the Status Quo.

You’re a skeptic to ‘retiring early.’ What you want is to multiple your own business expertise in a predictable and scalable way regardless of the economic climate or who’s sitting in congress.

You’re not “average.” You’re destined to become an AWARDS BUSINESS MILLIONAIRE.

That being said, if you fit the bill (which I believe is possible), then I urge you to fill out the application on this page to join my (quite possibly) NEAR FINAL ROUND of private conversations.

I don’t mean to sound jaded, but I and my Dream Team have already have conducted 180 Awards Business Exit Strategy Masterminds with Awards Business Owners; and I know a lot of folks were disappointed they didn’t get their chance to join us. Truth is, I don’t know how many more conversations we're going to conduct any longer.

Which means there is real urgency — this could very well be our very last round of conversations I ever do before I close the fund.

That means there’s no dilly-dallying on this literal once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to mastermind with myself and my team where we will help take you (and your business) from ordinary to extraordinary.

Don’t wait. Apply now and I’ll see you at the Awards Business Exit Strategy Mastermind with my Dream Team -- Where we'll talk about if we see a fit in including your business in the next round of conversations for inclusion in our Hexagon Fund.

Dedicated to your future,

— Allen D'Angelo M.S. FMVA



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